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......@@ -121,11 +121,10 @@ Chair: Robert Hasegawa
- Silvia Rosani: "The roots and reasons of some composers' spectra"<br/>
* 09h30–11h30 (Studio 5) – **Session 5b: Referentiality** <br/>
* 09h30–11h00 (Studio 5) – **Session 5b: Referentiality** <br/>
Chair: Jonathan Cross
- Luca Guidarini: "Transtextuality techniques and spectral manipulation in Fausto Romitelli’s late compositions"
- Mike Ford: Processes of Spectralization: From Josquin’s Missa 'L’homme armé' Super Voces Musicales to Haas’s *Tria ex Uno*
- Guy Lelong: "La musique spectrale au prisme de Nelson Goodman ou les interactions de la référence"
- Benjamin Lassauzet: "La conquête spatiale du spectre harmonique comme métaphore musicale de l’avènement du surhomme nietzschéen"<br/>
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