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......@@ -37,9 +37,8 @@ Chair: Caroline Rae
- Joseph R. Jakubowski: "Revealing Community: Analyzing Tributes and Memorials to Grisey, 1998 – Present"<br/>
* 16h30–18h00 (Studio 5) – **Session 2b: Electronica!** <br/>
* 16h30–17h30 (Studio 5) – **Session 2b: Electronica!** <br/>
Chair: Robert Hasegawa
- Neil O Connor: "Spectralism, Microsound & Glitch: Technology, Parallels and Influences"
- Luca Befera: "Layering the Spectrum: Waving Processes between Meter and Frequencies in Riccardo Novas’ Works"
- Riccardo Wanke: "Ecstatic-Materialist Perspective. A Shared Cross-Genre Perspective Found in Today’s Experimental Music Practices"<br/>
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