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# transfer_learning_music
Repo for paper "Transfer learning for music classification and regression tasks"
## Prequisite
* Download datasets:
- [Extended ballroom](
- [Gtzan genre](
- [Gtzan speech/music](
- [emoMusic](
- [Jamendo singing voice](
- [Urbansound8K](
* Software
- [Keras 1.2.2](
- [Kapre 0.0.3](, or get the right version with pip
- Sckikt learn, pandas.
## Usage
* `0. main_prepare_many_datasets.ipynb`: prepare dataset, pre-processing
* `1. feature extraction for 6 tasks.ipynb`: feature extraction (MFCC and convnet features)
* `2_main_knn_svm_transfer`: Do SVM
* `3. knn and svm (with AveragePooling) results plots`: Plot results
## Link
Paper link will added soon.
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