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......@@ -4,3 +4,39 @@ A middleware for handling temporal interactions in performing arts (2019)
It contains prototype implementations of the ideas proposed in this thesis. Since it should stay on sync with the document,
IT WILL LIKELY NOT BE UPDATED. Development of the BLITz middleware will continue, but not in this repository.
cd /path/to/blitz/directory
make # build libblitz and blitzd
make examples # build the examples and the max external
Debug build
make debug # build the project with all debug messages and asserts on
Building the osc benchmarks
cd ./benchmarks/osc
You will need to download:
- liblo version 0.30 from into ./benchmarks/osc/liblo-0.30
- libo (commit 71655d8ed36f55f2814adade619ec7ba4b39bec2) from into libo-master
- oscpack version 1.1.0 from into oscpack_1_1_0
- rtosc (commit d54496f13c08ee511995516bdd10ce85da453f1a) from into rtosc-master
and run 'make'
Building the ltp benchmarks
cd ./benchmarks/osc
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