Commit f965635d authored by Guillaume Pellerin's avatar Guillaume Pellerin
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Update migration paths

parent ebb51dfb
......@@ -308,13 +308,13 @@ BOWER_INSTALLED_APPS = (
# Add Migration Module path see :
"blog": "",
"forms": "organization.migrations.forms",
"galleries": "organization.migrations.galleries",
"pages": "organization.migrations.pages",
"conf": "organization.migrations.conf",
"shop": "",
"generic": "organization.migrations.generic",
"blog": "",
"forms": "mezzanine.migrations.forms",
"galleries": "mezzanine.migrations.galleries",
"pages": "mezzanine.migrations.pages",
"conf": "mezzanine.migrations.conf",
"shop": "",
"generic": "mezzanine.migrations.generic",
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