Commit 8fcff337 authored by Axel Roebel's avatar Axel Roebel

Removed old entries from setup.cfg

parent 2df847a8
......@@ -7,8 +7,8 @@ tag_svn_revision = 0
# set these if your libsndfile is installed in custom directories
# alternatively use --sndfile-libdir= and --sndfile-incdir=
# command line options for build_ext
sndfile-libdir = /u/formes/share/packages/macports/lib
sndfile-incdir = /u/formes/share/packages/macports/include
#sndfile-libdir = /u/formes/share/packages/macports/lib
#sndfile-incdir = /u/formes/share/packages/macports/include
source-dir = doc/source
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